ADT(ADVANCED DICING TECHNOLOGIES):* Automatic and semi-automatic  Dicing systems and blades and processes used in the dicing of silicon-based ICs, Package Singulation and hard material Microelectronic Components (MEC)*configurations * Peripheral Dicing instrumentation and accessories* dicing blades and process development* 

Airbrasive Jet Technologies: *Micro Abrasive Blasting Units *Airbrasive® abrasive powders *Airbrasive® Work Chambers(Blast Chambers), Accessories equipment*

CENTROTHERM: * Vacuum & Pressure Furnaces* Graphite Machining Services* Flux-free and Void-free Soldering* Brazing and Glass Sealing solutions 

NORDSON MARCH: *Automated In-Line Plasma Systems *Batch Plasma Systems *Reactive Ion Etching (RIE) Systems *  Hydrogen Generators 

MAT(MICRO ASSEMBLY TECHNOLOGIES, LTD): *High Accuracy Die Bonders* Die Stacking, Mems Applications * Eutectic Bonding * Flip Chip Bonding

MICROCOAT TECHNOLOGIES, INC.:  Epoxies* UV cured* Adhesives, conductive and non-conductive * BGA/FLIPCHIP underfill * Inductor coatings * 

MIDAS TECHNOLOGY, INC. *HGRS (HOT GAS REWORK STATION): quick, circuit-safe removal of components from conductive epoxy, high-temperature solder, and eutectic attach * DE-LIDDERTM: equipment for reseal-ready removal of lids from hermetic packages such as butterfly and flatpaks, optical modules, round packages and TO-style headers

ROYCE INSTRUMENTS:*Universal Bond Tester *Wire Pull and Bond Shear Test Systems *Pick & Place System with Non Surface Contact *Laser Diode Stacking Systems

SEFAR:*Precision Stencil Screens *Clean Room Wipes *Squeegees *Metal Stencils & Masks

SYSTEMS DESIGN & FABRICATION: *Custom Vacuum Systems, Chambers, and Components

THINKY CORP: *Planetary Mixer for Epoxies, Slurries, Paste, Solder, Powders * Vacuum Mixers Lab & Production Sizes